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Decanter Parts Manufacturing Machines

We have developed various Decanter Parts Manufacturing Machines.

These are as follows -

  1. Welding Manipulators - These equipment are developed to achieve the desired position of screw conveyor for spot welding and full welding of Screw flights to the conveyor body. It manipulates the conveyor for ease of operation for the welder.

  2. Hard Facing Machine - This equipment has been developed to precisely manipulate the hard facing gun- which then deposits the material on the outer edge of the screw flight, to harden it. Its unique design not only eases the task of hard facing but also drastically reduces the time required for it.

  3. Mobile Milling Machine - This equipment has been developed for decanter bowl balancing by removing the material. Accurate material removal and its portability are the features that make this equipment extremely useful and hands on for the required function.

  4. Screw Conveyor Deburring Machine - This equipment has been developed to remove the metallic burr from Screw Conveyor Flight Edge after machining... Write to us to know more

TIG Welding Automation for Vessels


This automation equipment has been developed for automatic welding of ‘L’ and ‘C’ seam joints of the tanks/shells. Welding process used is ‘TIG’. Unique feature of this equipment is – specially designed mechanical systems eliminate complex electrical controls, which makes the equipment cost effective...​ Write to us to know more

Silent Joint Correction Machines


These unique products have been developed to eliminate the noisy and time consuming operation of manually tapping welded joints of SS tanks. 
Specially designed systems ensure ‘Silent’ joint correction with an excellent quality of weld joint

Following are the advantages of Silent joint correction machines -

  1. No hammering noise

  2. No dents or hammer marks

  3. No need of skilled labour

  4. Joint polishing work is reduced as there are no dents

  5. Helps achieve compliances for Good Manufacturing Practices for food and pharma equipment manufacturing processes

  6. Operation can be completed in few minutes as compared to few hours required manually

  7. Ease of operation... Write to us to know more

Coil Unwinding and Plastic Coating Machine


Stainless steel sheets are generally obtained from unwinding, straightening, plastic coating and then shearing off the sheet from coil. Our equipment not only automates these labourious processes, but also rewinds the coil after use. These sheets are further used to manufacture tanks in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Following are the advantages of Coil Unwinding and plastic coating machine -

  1. Unwinding & Winding of coil is done safely.

  2. Plastic paper (Surface Protection Film) is applied uniformly on both the sides at a time.

  3. No need of skilled manpower.

  4. Very less manpower required as compared to manual operations.

  5. Less space requirement.

  6. Reduction in EOT crane engagement time.

  7. Faster & quality output resulting in to high productivity.

  8. You can attach shearing machine or plasma cutting gantry for cutting.

  9. Cutting length measurement facility can be provided.

  10. Helps to achieve compliances required in GMP for food &pharma equipment manufacturing process... Write to us to know more

Screw Flight Welding Machine


This equipment has been developed to automate welding of screw flights to the conveyor body. Specially designed mechanised system reduces the complexity of electronic controls, maintaining the reliability of operations and cost effectiveness of the equipment.

Following are the advantages of screw flight welding machine -

  1. Consistent welding quality.

  2. Qualified welder not required.

  3. Free from welder’s welding quality& productivity dependency.

  4. Torch manipulation gives dynamic response to change in face out & run out of weld joint.

  5. Low cost as no complicated controls involved.

  6. Drastic reduction in time required for welding... Write to us to know more

Nozzle Pipe to Flange Welding Machine


This compact equipment has been developed to automate nozzle pipe to flange welding. It is extremely economical and helps in achieving good manufacturing practices parameters.

Following are the advantages of Nozzle Pipe and flange welding automation equipment -

  1. Automation of Nozzle pipe to Flange welding

  2. Superior quality of weld joint

  3. Can be operated by a ‘non-welder’ operator

  4. Increase in productivity

  5. Ease of operation... Write to us to know more

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