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Material Handling

Over the years, we have developed number of material handling systems to fulfil the requirements of our customers. These include various types of conveyors, lift and shift equipment, stacking equipment, Component handling equipment and so on. All of these systems have enhanced the efficiency and productivity of respective functions for which these were designed... Write to us to know more

Welding Automation


In this sector, we have developed equipment for various applications like Fin welding, automatic screw flight welding, nozzle pipe to flange welding, ’C’ and ‘L’ seam welding automation for tanks. It provides excellent and consistent quality of weld joints, ease of operation, reduction in requirement of skilled workmen for given applications... Write to us to know more

Automobile Test Rigs


We have developed test rigs for automobile component testing. These include seat testing equipment, Vehicle testing platforms, load frame for leaf spring testing, Rear view mirror testing equipment and so on... Write to us to know more


Special Projects


In addition to above, we have also developed some special projects for process automations and material processing, a few to mention would be

  • Automation project for centrifugal casting processes - a robust equipment specially designed to combine and automate centrifugal casting processes

  • Metal Turnings processing Equipment - a system useful for processing  metal turnings - into raw material for foundries. This leads to very efficient scrap usage, drastic cost saving in raw material procurement.

  • Pipe Corrugation machine - an equipment specially designed to provide corrugation to metal pipes... Write to us to know more

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